Reorganize products based on the reasons your customers are shopping

WINNER: Grand Prize

WINNER: Elasticode Prize

People buy things for a reason. They have a new kid on the way, they bought a new home, they are prepping for their favorite team's game on Sunday. The decision to shop is based on what is going on in their lives.

Inspired by Songza's concierge function, we created a platform that allows Sears to organize their products around specific Themes built for specific types of consumers. Do we want to target first time home buyers? Sears could create a "Theme" based around this idea that organizes their products into everything a new home needs. Then, using Elasticode's personalization functions, Sears could set up filters so that this specific "Theme" is only shown to people who have recently used apps a home buyer might use such as Zillow or Realtor.

This allows Sears to push products directly to the consumers who are most likely in need of them, increasing consideration of Sears and converting more sales.

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  • elasticode
  • outsystems

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